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NOTE: my instagram account was hacked, and whoever did it turned on 2fac so ill never get it back bc whaddya know,, instagram support is a useless b!tch. Anyway, my new acc is @slipmoth_isdead. Cheers.

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at the gravesite...

- (02 Jan22) Happy New Year everyone!!

- (30 Dec21) Now a proud member of Hotline Webring!

- (29 Dec21) More Hot Topic stuff; style edit to the ABOUT page

- (20 Dec21) A few new stamps and blinkies in the STAMPS page :)

- (15 Dec21) You've got new mail!; new HT stuff

- (14 Dec21) Moved stamp collection to the STAMPS page!

- (12 Dec21) Added a new site button; there's LeATHERMOUTH songs everywhere now

- (1 Dec21) Changed the site's font to DotGothic16

- (17 Nov21) 'About' page new layout and added features

- (16 Nov21) 'Links' page has a new layout

- (12 Nov21) Added Tetris game; image links now shake when hovered over

- (11 Nov21) Blood poll; Added update log

- (10 Nov21) New site button; Red letter

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