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The Gravesite is officially back! I've got a new laptop and with that comes a ton of motivation. I beg forgiveness for 'Song of the Week' not being updated in many months... currently I am working on updating and adding to my poetry/possibly relocating that page to tumblr. Bear with me; I have many commitments at the moment! But hey, 'least this whole place isn't dead anymore! xoxo

-Erin ♥ 25/12/2023

WELCOME to my graveyard lair... And to the recently deceased, welcome back!

Watch out for bats, drink all the blood you want, and steal anything from the hoardes of moving images collected in this mass grave. Just chill out, have a good time! Ok?

My large collection of images, gifs, stamps, and blinkies can be found if you scroll down a bit...

For background music, play the video in Song Of The Week + keep the tab open while you browse the other pages...

Song of the week!!

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at the gravesite...

- (22 Oct23) Instagram link disabled

- (28 Aug23) POETRY updated and inactivity announced

- (31 May23) I keep writing more poems all the time so go ckeck that out [bottom of ABOUT page] xoxo

- (14 Feb23) Happy valentine's day, losers.

- (20 Jan23) Just popped in to check up on everything!

- (22 Dec22) Christmas is so soon, omg! Hope everyone has a good one :)

- (14 Nov22) Bitch! Go watch some Headbandgers Ball! (CLICK IT \/ \/ )

- (30 Oct22) A bunch of random crap. Little bits here and there. Y'know. Just stuff.

- (25 Sep22) Working on a poetry page! (Find in ABOUT)

- (12 Sep22) Few tweaks to about page.

- (17 Jun22) Brand new site header!

- (14 Jun22) Earlier i did a few tweaks to the home page but also what used to be the 'mailbox' is now a featured song of the week page.

- (11 Jun22) Removed the tricky mp3 player.

- (22 May22) Happy World Goth Day everyone; stay creepy!

- (13 Apr22) Tons more gifs, blinkies + images in the 'stamps' page! Go check it out :3

- (22 Mar22) Hi! Yes,I'm alive!

- (03 Feb22) You can now send mail to The Gravesite through the about page!

- (30 Jan22) Finally active again :) Just a few tweaks and fixes

- (02 Jan22) Happy New Year everyone!!

- (30 Dec21) Now a proud member of Hotline Webring!

- (29 Dec21) More Hot Topic stuff; style edit to the ABOUT page

- (20 Dec21) A few new stamps and blinkies in the STAMPS page :)

- (15 Dec21) You've got new mail!; new HT stuff

- (14 Dec21) Moved stamp collection to the STAMPS page!

- (12 Dec21) Added a new site button; there's LeATHERMOUTH songs everywhere now

- (1 Dec21) Changed the site's font to DotGothic16

- (17 Nov21) 'About' page new layout and added features

- (16 Nov21) 'Links' page has a new layout

- (12 Nov21) Added Tetris game; image links now shake when hovered over

- (11 Nov21) Blood poll; Added update log

- (10 Nov21) New site button; Red letter

Heres tetris idk

(Random shit...)


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